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The challenges of building

a new city

There's no bigger challenge for a Real Estate company than assisting the birth of a City. The Oil & Gas Industry is taking huge steps in the Mozambican area of Palma, Cabo Delgado. Up to 150 different companies from very diverse fields will require, in the coming years, up to 15.000 workers to provide manpower to the new LNG facility that will be fed by the third biggest Gas field in the planet. African Century, currently the biggest employer in Palma, has begun answering this challenge by developing the first and, up to now, the only Hotel in the area.The opening of Palma Residences means the very first steps are being taken in developing Palma. Our condominium houses, built to the highest international standards, provide accommodation for both a long term stay or a shorter one.

Afunji and Palma Mozambique
Afunji and Palma Mozambique
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Palma accommodation. Your hotel lodge in Palma, Mozambique

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