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African Century carpentry begins to successfully produce garden furniture

Last August, 2016 we finished our works in Palma Carpentry to furnish the second phase of Palma Residences.

The excellent results obtained in every piece of furniture, flattered by all our guests, led us to rethink the possibility of giving continuity to the carpentry project, which was originally conceived exclusively as something temporary.

Since last September our team of carpenters, led by our Camp Manager, Dorotea Oliveira, agreed to face the challenge of leading the production of garden furniture to be distributed in the national market.

This month, January 2017, the first collections have been sold and delivered to several hotels in Mozambique and Tanzania. The quality of the furniture, both in the design and in the finish, has opened a new business opportunity for African Century that will facilitate, in turn, the recruitment of new staff and the continuity of the excellent team built over the last two years.

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