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The importance of green areas in Palma Residences

In Palma we take the importance of green areas in our Apartment Hotel very seriously because we realize the environmental benefits that green spaces provide. They filter pollutants and dust from the air, they provide shade and lower temperatures in urban areas, they reduce erosion of soil into our waterways and have many other benefits for our community and the planet Earth.

The most surprising fact was in 2014 when we started building our aparthotel Palma Residences and realized there were no plants for sale in the area.

For this reason we decided to create two nurseries with several plant species we initially flew in from Maputo, one in Pemba and one in Palma creating what we call ACRE Landscaping. Right now we have a dedicated team of specialists in this area to provide a detailed analysis of the situation and provide a specialized project for each of our clients´ requests.

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