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Basic Firefighting Course at Palma Business Park & Palma Residences

Last week, Concord Safety presented a practical firefighting course at Palma Business Park to an enthusiastic team composed of members of our staff in Palma. They had the opportunity to learn more about fire prevention and containment.

A classroom at our Palma Business Park was used for theory training and a Fire Ground was created for practical live-fire exercises. Throughout the course, the participants were able to learn more about the different types of fire, how to identify elements of combustion or extinguishing, as well as to learn how fire spreads, how it can be prevented, reported and contained.

With this firefighting course, we aim for a safer environment for both our colleagues and clients in our various developments in Palma.

From Palma Residences and Palma Business Park, we would like to congratulate our colleagues Anzize Jamal, Shelton Nyakutya, Fernando Bacar, Aua António, Ame Manuel, Shisal Flotia, Edson Afonso, Salimo Issa and Omar Alvido for their interest and commitment. All candidates were successfully found competent.

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