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Anadarko supports teacher training in Palma, Cabo Delgado

A total of 33 teachers from Palma Secondary School in Cabo Delgado province recently took part in a reading skills training course “with the aim of stimulating improvements in the teaching-learning process,” O Pais reports.

The training was supported by the Anadarko-led Mozambique LNG Project, and implemented by the Progresso Association and CODE. Sessions were focused on techniques aimed at stimulating “students’ readiness and ability to interpret texts”.

The training is part of the package of initiatives supported by Anadarko and its partners in the area of education in Mozambique.

“Through this initiative and the support we have been giving to other initiatives in various areas, we want to bring benefits to Mozambicans and contribute to the sustainable development of the country,” Sheila Comé said at the course graduation ceremony.

Cabo Delgado government Permanent Secretary Sergio Sauale stressed the importance of the initiative, saying that “the training will contribute to good writing”, and that the course “challenged teachers to constantly improve the quality of their teaching”.

The Pedagogical Directorate of Palma Secondary School said that “training served as a wake-up call” for teachers to realise that “students will only love reading if given the right stimulus”.

According to data seen by O Pais, Anadarko and its partners have already allocated about US$500,000 to education support initiatives in Mozambique.

By William Mapote

Source: O País

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