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Anadarko launches road safety campaign in Palma

Anadarko launches road safety campaign in Palma

The Mozambique LNG Project, led by Anadarko, in partnership with the District Government of Palma and INATTER, has recently launched a road safety campaign in the district of Palma, in Cabo Delgado.

The campaign, which is implemented by Azul Consultoria, will take place over a period of approximately one year, with the aim of raising awareness and knowledge of road safety rules and promoting safer behavior and attitudes, in order to reduce incidence of accidents and road deaths.

The campaign has three components, namely awareness-raising of road users to respect traffic rules, institutional support through the establishment of a District Road Safety Committee, and dissemination of basic knowledge of post-accident response including first aid training to focal points in each community.

For the Permanent Secretary of the District of Palma, Sérgio Sauale, “Road safety is a major concern of the Government, because we notice that with the level of development and growth of our district we are already needing to remind people that there is all this care and this need to start crossing our roads and driving, respecting all the rules of traffic. Accidents have very high social and economic costs, hence the need to continue to raise awareness of road users.”

For Laila Chemane, Anadarko’s Social Investment Manager, “This campaign is part of the social investment program of Anadarko and its co-venturers and is aligned with the values of Anadarko as it aims to maintain a safe environment for the company’s operations and for the neighboring communities. We recognize that during the construction phase of the project there will be an increased movement of vehicles, including heavyduty trucks, so we are committed to working to ensure that people are increasingly aware of potential risks and adopt safe driving and crossing of roads.”

Source: Press Release Anadarko

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