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Bongo Flava Star in Palma Residences

Bongo Flava Star in Palma Residences

One of the Tanzanian fathers of Bongo Flava, Tundaman, considered as well the initiator of the Swahili hip hop movement and its international expansion, was our guest in Palma Residences last September 25th.

Palma Residences contributed in this way to support the efforts of the Palma Administration In bringing to Palma international artists and organizing cultural events of all kinds in order to reduce the distance and remoteness of the village with regards to the rest of the country.

Tundaman offered a concert at Palma´s football ground, as part of the activities organized by the district Administration during the festivity of Revolution Day, September 25th.

In the picture, Tundaman is with our kitchen staff at the Bagamoyo Restaurant, a few hours before the concert.


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