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Great guest reviews

As in all Hotels around the world, a great guest review is always very satisfying to receive. Recently we have had quite a few.

Palma Residences by drone

Whether on Trip Advisor, Google Maps, Facebook or on an e-mail directly sent to our staff, we thank all those who take time to comment on our hotel and our service and give us valuable advise on how we can better our service.

Here are a few recent comments: “I have been truly impressed by what you have done in Palma combining HSSE focus, comfort and design and warm welcoming. I know that maintaining this quality throughout the difficult times must have been tough on your company and staff, thumbs up and I hope that you should be rewarded for your patience as from the second half of this year.” by Alex Battaglia, Shell Country Manager, Mozambique

“Great service and great location. Beautiful garden and excellent food.” by Steven Le Vourc'h, Mozambique

“I've stayed in a lot of places in Sub Saharan East Africa and I've stayed in quite a lot in Mozambique. Palma Residences is unique in that they have luxury 'apartment' rooms but also good communal facilities such as a large African lodge for a dining room and a lovely swimming pool. I've had the best night sleep this year. Easily the best the hotel in the region but it would be wise to book early because it’s going to become popular.” comment by Anthony on TripAdvisor

“Before crossing the border to Tanzania, I stayed one night in Palma which is the last town in Mozambique before the border. I wasn't planning to travel Palma at all, but I realized that I couldn't make the journey from Pemba to Tanzania in one day. I stayed at Palma Residences which is an oasis in the middle of nowhere. Just a few years ago there was nothing in Palma, but then the gas industry boomed, and many hotels were built. Most of the guests at Palma Residences are there for business, but if anyone is planning to cross the border to Tanzania, this is the best place to stay before that. You can recharge yourself and get help organizing transport to the border.” by Gabriela, Travel Blogger


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