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Mozambique government approves new gambling regulations to stimulate tourism

Mozambique government approves new gambling regulations to stimulate tourism

The Mozambican government approved the regulation of the gambling law, as a way of stimulating tourism in the country.

In addition to increasing the number of licenses for gambling houses, the regulation reduces the distance required between casinos from the previous five kilometers to 100 meters.

As an example, Ana Comoane, spokerperson of the Council of Ministers, said that the law states that the capital of the country may have up to four casinos within 100 meters, while in Beira and Chimoio, the maximum number is three and two respectively.

“Administratively, our cities are classified as A, B or C. For example, the city of Maputo is class A. The city of Beira (central Sofala province) is in class B. Cities like Chimoio (central province of Manica) and Quelimane (central province of Zambézia) are class C,” she explained, adding that each of the classes has a maximum number of licenses allowed under the new regulation.

According to the deputy minister of Culture and Tourism Ana Comoana, 1.6 million tourists are forecast to visit Mozambique in 2017. Comoana stressed that the measure aims to concentrate casinos in a limited space, comparing the situation with that obtaining in Macau. “This allows a player to be in one casino and if he is losing he can change venues, and depart more safely for another casino,” she said.

Source: AIM Moçambique


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