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My name is Nokolunga

When Palma Residences were looking for objects to decorate the new comfortable rooms and apartments, we decided that we needed something African and colorful that would fill the walls of the rooms and apartments.

We decided that good photographs where necessary for this and invited Isabel Pinto to showcase some of her work. Isabel Pinto is Portuguese photographer raised in Mozambique and living in Cape Town for the moment.

For this project she teamed up with Natascha Girelli, a Danish Art Director. Their meeting and shared visual language immediately brought a deep connection and an urge to create together. As Isabel was already doing some work on the outskirts of Cape Town, in Nyanga, it seemed only natural to temporarily leave aside the documentary work she was doing and inspired by the creativity that jumps out at you everywhere in a township, jump into this visual trip.

Both Isabel Pinto and Natascha Girelli work in fashion, and created images that were connecting and human yet still fashionable and contemporary. This work is the inspiration of this pair of creative’s about the Children of Nyanga.

Nyanga is a township in Cape Town, South Africa. Its name in Xhosa means "moon" and it is one of the oldest black townships in Cape Town. It was established as a result of the migrant labor system. In 1948 black migrants were forced to settle in Nyanga as Langa became too small. Nyanga is one of the poorest and most dangerous parts of Cape Town.

We will showcase more of the work in future posts.


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