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Palma's maritime access approval

Palma maritime access and terminal

The Council of Ministries has approved Palma's maritime access.

ACRE believes that this is one of the last obstacles for works on the resettlement in the Afungi peninsula, in Palma, to begin. With this in mind, it is likely that the companies involved in the building of the new houses and infrastructure for the project will be mobilizing in September 2017.

The resettlement is of huge importance to the overall Onshore LNG Final Investment Decision that all parties need to see begin before going any further in their investments.

Under the LNG Maritime Terminal contract, to be signed by the Government and Mozambique LNG Maritime Terminal Company, SA, the concessionaire will design, construct, install, hold, finance, operate, manage, use and maintain the infrastructure. The same responsibility is attributed to the concessionaire who will install the discharge of materials whose contract will be signed between the Mozambican executive and the Mozambican Company MOF, S.A.

According to Council of Ministers spokesperson Ana Comoana, the measure will facilitate the transportation of liquefied natural gas in accordance with oil industry's best practices.


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