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Tecomaji Boutique recover artisan traditions in Palma

Palma Residences boutique has been open since February 2017 in our Tecomaji conference room, just next to the Hotel reception, and in just a few months is becoming the meeting point of all Palma district artisans and artists.

Tecomaji Boutique recover artisan traditions in Palma

For the first time they now have a proper place to show and commercialize their creations. Wooden makonde sculptures, Quionga mats, bags, shoes and jewelry made with bones, wood and shells are just some of the products "Made in Palma" that you can find in our shop.

Dorotea Oliveira, co-manager at Palma Residences, and Kulthum Kivia, chef at Bagamoyo Restaurant are responsible for managing the boutique and helping artisans create new products using the traditional techniques of the area.

The mixture of local craftsmanship - mainly mwani - with makondes and swahilis techniques has resulted in a surprising catalog full of new ideas that clients from all over the world have not delayed in appreciating... and buying.

The shop also houses part of the collection of garden furniture designed and manufactured in the ACRE carpentry, at Palma Business Park.

The success of our furniture catalog has dramatically increased production in our workshop, which in recent months has closed contracts with several hotels in Cabo Delgado and Tanzania to carry out various tasks.


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