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Bagamoyo Restaurant organizes training course for pastry chef

Bagamoyo Restaurant training course

French chef Stephan Cade, has great international experience in European, Asian and African restaurants, he is currently owner of the successful Ati Garden restaurant in Zanzibar.

Stephan has just finished a 4 day training course in pastry and bakery at our Palma Residences kitchen. Our 6 local cooks and assistants attended his lessons and received their first certificate in advanced pastry.

The Bagamoyo Restaurant management and Palma Residences are continuously concerned on improving our services and expanding our offer to all our clients.

Conscious of the difficulties and limitations of a remote destination like Palma we are developing a periodical training plan by hiring specialized professionals to help improve the skills of each professional area of the hotel and restaurant.

All clients are welcome to taste the results of our plan enjoying our breakfast with among many others, croissants, chocolate brioches, baguettes or delicious éclairs, freshly made in our oven.


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