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Ziqo performs for Palma Day in Palma District and shoots first ever music video in the district.

Ziqo performs for Palma Day in Palma District and shoots first ever music video in the district.

At 17 of November 2018, Palma town and its district celebrated its annual district party for its 73rd year since establishment with a new song and show by a very special musical guest, Ziqo, who travelled from Maputo to headline the festivities.

Palma district, and specifically the Afungi peninsula will be home to some 28 MMTPA of LNG gas from the Golfinho and Mamba first phase two-train each developments operated by Anadarko Petroleum and ExxonMobil together with ENI, respectively.

These projects are expecting FID by the first Semester of 2019 and their volumes with first gas expected in 2024 would make Mozambique the 3rd largest exported of LNG in the world.

Who is Ziqo

With the help of Pembaland, a Mozambican real estate investment company, who produced the event with the help of many other sponsors, the successful event included a taping for a music video and performance of the music as well as his hits for over an hour to a crowd of over 3000 people.

The festivities including a show, music video and many interactions with the people of Palma for photos, videos and general entertainment on the 16th and 17th with Ziqo.

He participated in filming on eight video sets, five of them in public places viewed by many thousands of the residents.

One of the top selling musicians in Mozambique of all time, Ziqo and his pop afro-beats wrote a song in Swahili entitled Ancha, that he launched and prepared for the commemoration of Palma Day.

The music written by Ziqo is a song of love of positivity. The point of the video clip and the party, besides for the entertainment of the people of Palma, is to convey the love, warmth, culture, beauty and life of Palma in this great moment.

Given the events of the investments that are taking place at this time, Palma and its population will be forever part of the economic and cultural evolution of Mozambique with its newfound gas economies.

The project has filming activities with local motorcycle taxi drivers, local music groups, local dancers and actors, local shops and vendors in Palma, as well as hotels and a helicopter landing in Palma.

Ziqo performs for Palma Day in Palma District and shoots first ever music video in the district.

The support companies

The following companies supported the initiative with service and financial support: Amarula Hotel, Bagamoyo Restaurant, ENHL-Bonatti, Everett Aviation, Fossati-Moiane, GardaWorld, Maris Africa, Palma Residences, Palma Business Park, Quinta Essencia , Rovuma Power, True North and Tseke.


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