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Mozambique will issue Tourist visas in its Palma border with Tanzania

The migration authorities of Mozambique will start "almost immediately" to issue Tourist visas in Namoto border, at Ruvuma river, the busiest frontier entrance with Tanzania, according to Eduardo Amade, Mozambique National Tourism director, who stayed with us in Palma Residences last January 24th.

The news was anticipated to Palma Residences as well by Jaime Basílio Monteiro, minister of Home Affairs, who stayed also with us during his visit to Palma district and Namoto border, last January 17. "The transit of tourists will increase significantly" according to Amade, who highlighted the importance of opening a new door to the Swahili route in northern Mozambique. Amade, who has visited Palma Residences several times, was "deeply impressed" with the improvement of our hotel after the opening of the second phase, in 2016, The minister Monteiro congratulated us as well for the quality of the Hotel, the service and even the restaurant. During his visit escorted him at Palma Residences the Cabo Delgado Migration director and the Province commandant of the Police.

In the picture the National Tourism director, Mr. Eduardo amada, with Benjamín Ojeda, general manager of Palma Residences.

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