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Palma managers get together to support Sharing Hope School project

Palma managers get together to support Sharing Hope School project

Last Sunday, September 10, almost all the managers of the companies with presence in Palma met in a fraternization breakfast in order to offer their support to the Sharing Hope School project.

Peter Murithi, Kenyan missionary director of Sharing Hope, explained to the different managers the history of the first and only preprimary school in the District of Palma.

Peter especially thanked the support of David Machimbuko, administrator of the district -also present at the breakfast held at Palma Residences, "without whose help I would never have found the right way to open the school".

Ninety-four children from Palma, of different origins and religions, attend Peter's school daily.

The children receive classes from the 12 teachers who form the staff, as well as food. All completely free. Classes in Portuguese, English and Kiswahili are taught within the school curriculum.

The breakfast, organized and offered by Benjamín Ojeda and Kulthum Kivia, owners of the Bagamoyo restaurant, at Palma Residences, was attended by African Century, CCC, Amarula Hotel, Palma Inn, Karibu Palma, Equipamentos Supplier, Alistair, Moz Environmental and Pensao Wibo.

All the managers committed themselves to contribute with the different challenges that the project faces in this one, its second year of life.

Press the image to see the vídeo.

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